Technological innovation is spilling out of Silicon Valley and trickling into every industry imaginable. We are living in a volatile climate with change coming at a rapid rate from unpredictable places, and the velocity is only increasing. Whether or not you are a willing participant, your company is probably disrupting or being disrupted. Most industries will be reformed by the tidal wave of technology and globalization, and some will be obliterated. A multitude of careers we take for granted now will become obsolete in the future.

One industry which is undeniably experiencing human capital casualties is, ironically, recruitment. Until recently, the critical skill set in recruitment was sourcing. Before the age of technology, finding elite talent through newspaper postings and mailed resumes was akin to uncovering corporate unicorns. Recruitment was labor intensive, messy and expensive.

Fast forward to the age of the internet and suddenly recruiters have job sites, instant email and cell phone communication to assist in their search – technology having dramatically improved the recruitment process. And now we are sitting on the brink of a new era. Exponential advancements in search algorithm technology, job board aggregators and online business social networking sites have turned the recruitment industry on its head. With the amount of data available online it might seem misleading to describe the function of finding candidates as a “search” – the term “fishing with dynamite” might seem more appropriate.

And it goes beyond the sourcing function. The assessment stage in the recruitment process is also being digitized, standardized and dehumanized. There are multiple tools now available which can distil masses of available candidate data into a semblance of a short-list. There is even online job suitability testing for candidates – companies like 1-Page have changed the “dynamics of hiring” by introducing a “Gamified Enterprise Recruitment Platform where candidates are engaged to compete for jobs based on their ability to solve company’s real-life challenges and strategic objectives.”

Therefore, if you couple the large pool of talent readily available online with the addition of automated search algorithms and layer in digital assessment software, you can see how corporations might start to think it possible to remove the “human recruiter” from the recruitment process entirely. Recruiters, much like the orangutan, have earned their spot on the endangered species list.

This begs the question – Why start a company in a sector being eradicated by technology?

The simple answer is, we created McLaren Dion Edge because we couldn’t not do it. To us, not trying to achieve our goal was a much scarier prospect than the fear of failing. We passionately believe in a sustainable and profitable future for the energy industry and we know we have an integral role to play in the transition.

So, how do we plan to do this?

One key to surviving in a climate of disruption, is to change the game internally. This requires increasing execution velocity whilst being agile enough to capitalize on new opportunities. We believe successfully doing both can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. It is the key to keeping a competitive advantage in a volatile environment. However, simultaneously achieving operational excellence while, at the same time, innovating internally is daunting (to say the least). “Disrupt before you are disrupted” seems an obvious tactic but it is by no means an easy task – we have no illusions about that.

Every company has to achieve the delicate balance in their own way but we believe the key to successful internal disruption includes;

  • A clear vision – a well-defined goal or purpose you are passionate about.
  • Being an Industry Specialist – being an industry expert allows for predictive, rather than reactive action.
  • Playing to your strengths – know what makes you unique and leverage core competencies.

At McLaren Dion Edge, we have the passion, the knowledge and the skills to assist in the successful and profitable collaboration between energy, people and the environment.

  • Our intimate understanding of the energy industry means the influx of technical data available can be harnessed – we can provide our clients with strategic recruitment advice and be proactive in capitalizing on external talent opportunities.
  • Our “old school” mapping techniques outrange the reach of technological advancement – we don’t scan resumes for key words, we lift the lid on entire organizations to find the talent your competitors don’t want you to.
  • Our ability to make connections cannot be replicated by software – approaches, authentic relationships and encouraging the harmonious union between client and candidate takes a high level of emotional intelligence which cannot be digitalized.

We believe if you are adaptable as a company, change doesn’t have to be feared, it can be welcomed. As Winston Churchill famously said, “An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Potential threats can be reframed as challenges and these challenges should be met head on. Unlike the endangered tiger, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to change our stripes. We have the choice, and the ability, to evolve into an entirely new species of professionals. We believe in a solid destination by means of fluid transportation – our goals may be set in stone but how we plan to achieve them is constantly changing.

At McLaren Dion Edge, we are more than just a search firm. We are energy specialists, building the world’s preeminent network of forward thinking energy leaders, and we just happen to be exceptional at executive search.