T’was the week before Christmas,
when all through the land,
Awareness was growing,
‘round the McLaren Dion Edge brand.

Though the economy was poor, grim, ugly and bad,
Brave friends saw a prospect they just had to grab.
Their vision was worth any risk they would face,
So they started a firm with names McLaren and Dion and Edge.

The partners, they crafted the business with care,
In hopes of providing a service that’s rare.
Seizing the chance to realize their dream,
They opened the doors in the spring of ‘16.

The past seven months have flown by like a flash,
Working 24/7 with no time to crash.
As the ground becomes blanketed by new-fallen snow,
It’s time to reflect on each high and each low.

It has to be said; it was one hell of a year!
Filled with excitement, exhaustion and a dusting of fear.
But one thing stands out as undoubtedly true,
McLaren Dion Edge wouldn’t be here, without all of you.

More rapid than eagles the advocates came,
Too many to list, and thank each by name.
The champions and cheerleaders, big thanks goes to you,
For all you have done, and all that you do.

To talonX, for putting McLaren Dion Edge on the map,
For relentless hard work, and putting up with our….. constant changes.
A shout out to Grizzly, for sharing their fort,
For their generosity, assistance and persistent support.

To the families and friends, who have done all they can,
To make a success of an ambitious plan.
For hours of effort, extra hands to rely on,
For acting as councilors and shoulders to cry on.

Lastly, a thanks has to be said,
To those who have made us the winners of bread.
The clients that gave McLaren Dion Edge and Co.,
The work that was needed to help the firm grow.

It’s been a long year, now it’s time to make merry!
Bring out the mince pies and crack open the sherry!
Raise up a glass and let’s have a toast,
To the year that has pushed and challenged us most.

To all that has past and what has not yet begun,
To another great year, of fortune and fun.
For what is to come, keep watching this space,
Exciting plans in the works for our young McLaren Dion Edge.

But for now just relax, so you’re all at your best,
To take on the world and resume the great quest,
Creating a network, like the world has never seen,
So meet us back here in 2017.

From all of us dreamers at McLaren Dion Edge,
Seasons greetings to you and the warmest embrace.
A last thank you before we take some rest bite;
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”